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Prevent Rust and Corrosion on Your Vehicle

It can send a perfectly functioning car to an early grave if it’s not taken care of before it spreads to the frame. It can be the reason your favorite truck is no more when it claims its vitals. But most of all, it can be prevented. It’s the dreaded rust! When iron comes into contact with water and oxygen, it creates rust. Therefore, cars consistently facing humid or wet environments like we have here in Hilton Head will experience rusting much earlier and quicker than cars kept in dryer environments. When salt is added to the mix, the rusting process is intensified. As you can imagine, this is a huge issue where we live. Unfortunately for us living on the coast, salt water is by far the most common cause of rust.


Fortunately, there are ways to stop rust even before it starts. Here are a few tips from our team at Hilton Head Auto Body to help prevent corrosion no matter how much humidity, water, or salt your car encounters.

Surface Rust

Surface rust spreads and can reach under the surface where it can damage and corrode the structure of the vehicle. As soon as you see rust on the surface on your car or truck, be sure to remove it as soon as possible! Our team at H&H Auto Body can professionally remove the rust to avoid further damage.


Rust should be treated at the surface level. Most of the time rust can be spotted before it becomes a major issue. The first signs of rust can typically be seen on the surface of your vehicle. It appears as paint cracks bubbled paint, or scratches. Surface rust causes no structural harm to your vehicle, but it does need to be removed to maintain your vehicle’s integrity.

A Simple Way to Prevent Car Rust & Corrosion

The easiest and most effective method of rust prevention is to wash your car regularly. Frequent washes will keep the body as well as the underside of your vehicle free of the elements that lead to rusting and corrosion. Plus it doesn’t hurt that your vehicle will look great after each wash!

Where Your Car Will Rust the Most

There are a few things to add to you maintenance list when you check your oil, transmission fluid, and tire pressure that can helped detect rust in your vehicle.

Did you know that certain areas of your vehicle are definitely more susceptible to rusting than others? To prevent rust and corrosion, it’s important to keep an eye on these areas to ensure they are rust free:

  • -Exhaust
  • -Wheel wells
  • -Brake lines
  • -Fuel lines
  • -Drain holes along the bottoms of doors

You should also check the underside of your vehicle because many vital parts and components can be seen from underneath. The best way to comfortably check the underside is to have a reputable body shop put it on a lift. But if you have the ability to comfortably and safely examine the underside, be sure to check on it yourself.

These rust and corrosion prevention methods are crucial to keeping your vehicle intact and looking good. Removing any noticeable surface rust immediately, washing your car often, and keeping an eye on areas susceptible to rust can save or extend your vehicle’s life.



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