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We are proud and grateful to be living and working on Hilton Head Island. Our achievements and recognition remain our cornerstone and commitment to being the very best Auto Service and Auto Body shop in the area.

yelp reviews

Thrilled with the results


My husband backed into our power meter with his brand new baby, aka Toyota Tundra and was absolutely sick about it. He did some research and found your shop to be rated very highly on the internet. He was stunned by how quickly your staff provided an estimate and then scheduled the repair. The repair was completed half a day earlier than expected. He was thrilled with the results.

The icing on the cake, however, was the vase of flowers we received. Of course, he told the attendant checking him out that he (the attendant) was making him (my husband) look bad with me standing there. Honestly, I would have never thought of such a clever sales gimmick. We left the shop with beaming smiles, and the flowers took some of the ouch out of the accident! That was a week ago, and the flowers are just now beginning to fade. We've thoroughly enjoyed them. Obviously, no one wants to have to visit an auto body shop--they feel badly that they've had an accident. It's a great pick-me-up to receive such an unexpected surprise! No wonder your ratings are through the roof--you've earned them!

I have told everyone I know about what a fabulous business establishment you own and the quality of workmanship you perform. They all agree that they hope they never need your services, but are glad to know where to go if needed. Thanks for such a fabulous experience!! Warmest regards, Amy Keim

Your Service Was Outstanding


Bruce, I would like to thank you for the excellent repair of our Lexus RX350 last week. Your service was outstanding and my wife loved the flowers…you’d think I never gave her any! Thanks again, John Bulmer

Courteous and Proficient Work


Dear H & H Auto Body, Thank you for the courteous and proficient work you provided on my Mini Cooper! I am so proud to drive it again! P.S. The flowers were awesome! Meagan Kale


Quality treatment and care


I just wanted to thank everyone at H & H Auto Body again for the quality treatment and care of my recently acquired pride & joy. I didn't have any real concerns taking my 2006 Ferrari to H & H based on the overwhelmingly positive testimonials, but when David called me to ask if they could take a little more time to fine tune the color match, I knew I had made the right decision. I've had the car back for 1 day and probably been out to the garage 2 dozen times to just admire the work - it's that good!

Everyone at H & H treated me like family, but I know there were people behind the scenes that I didn't get to meet that I'd like to thank as well - particularly the technician that took so much time to spray numerous sets of test panels to get the color to match perfectly with the factory finish. First couple of rounds are on me if your team is interested after work some day. Just tell me the time & place - couldn't be happier! P.S. Loved the daily status updates with pictures - great idea! Bruce Cochran

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for saving my 1988 BMW E! I was overjoyed when I heard you say it could be fixed! You became the brightest light in my life after the horrible accident when Liberty Mutual sentenced my car to death by salvage!! I drove an '86 528 E for 23 years and this one for 6 years. I don't know what I would do without that make and model – thank you for doing such a good job in finding the parts and thank you, David and the outstanding team of technicians who, along with Dale, worked tirelessly and efficiently to restore my car to better…than her previous self.

I loved the "progress photos" Dale sent via e-mail…what a great idea! H & H Auto Body is the best, and its commitment to excellence and quality service exceeds any competition! Thank you again, Bruce. I appreciate all you did for me. You are a fine gentleman and I am blessed to know you. I am the beneficiary of your auto wisdom and expertise, and as Mrs. Head says in the commercial, I am "driving your reputation" with pride. Regards, Anne Doherty

customer reviews

It came out beautifully perfect


Please see that Bruce gets this email and please know that it is also for Tina, you and all the staff and technicians at H & H Auto Body. I am at a loss for words to express how utterly pleased I am with the end result on my antique BMW. It came out beautifully perfect (even that doesn't describe it adequately).

Although, in my heart, I knew H & H Auto Body would do a good job, I still was a little nervous. But, when I saw what your expert workmanship achieved in restoring the dent damage and best of all matching perfectly the original 1988 color, I was amazed and proud that I selected H & H Auto Body to do the job. Outstanding! Bravo!

But then, you went beyond the expected…..you put matching stripes on the opposite side so as to make both sides even. You tidied the inside. You made my wheels look brand new by cleaning and polishing them, and then, the most touching gesture of all, you presented me with a bouquet of flowers. I carried them around all day in my purse and when questioned, told everyone that they came from H & H Auto Body. I was really pretty proud of y'all and still am.

My experience with H & H Auto Body was truly amazing and I want you all to know that I appreciate everything you did to make it a very pleasant experience for me. Thank you for the ride home, Bruce, and thank you for your kindness to me. Thank you Tina for your time and effort in producing the estimate. Thank you Dale for your assistance in coordinating messages. Thank you, gentlemen technicians for the outstanding job. You are a great team! Sincerely, Anne Doherty


I will certainly recommend your shop


Thank you for my recent satisfactory experience at your Body Shop. The attention and personal transportation effort by Mac Macgillivray was well appreciated. The bumper repair was excellent and looks like new. Thanks also to Dale for the follow up call and the very nice flower gift. I will certainly recommend your shop to friends and neighbors for any and all repair needs. Dennis J. Buckley

It looks beautiful!


I want to thank you for all the work you did on my car. It looks beautiful! I am very appreciative that you fixed the extra areas of my car. I will see to it that the excellent service you gave me will be known to all my friends. I am enjoying my beautiful bouquet also. Indeed, this is truly my lucky day. Again many thanks for your fine service. Sincerely, Helen Aurandt

customer review

customer feedback

Tire Extraction From Car Grill!


To Mac and Dale and all involved - We wish to thank you for your excellent service on the Lexus with the tire in the grill!! It is not often that one finds an enterprise of such high caliber. Many Thanks Richard and Jutta McInnis

I strongly recommend Bill


First, let me state that I am a "car guy"…a "gear head" that has been obsessed with performance automobiles for more than 50 years and, thus, a critical consumer of all things auto related. H & H Automotive and the association with Bill has met my every requirement for routine maintenance, repair, car purchases and advice for myself and family. I have been a customer for more than ten years and recommend Bill when asked for auto advice. His honesty and straight forward approach have solved problems for many of my associates. I strongly recommend Bill as a reliable professional. Ted Allenbach

customer rated

Made a bad situation painless


I have had body work done twice with H & H Auto Body. Having teenage drivers in the house has made us all close company. Both times, the estimate I received was right on. The work was scheduled quickly, and was done on time. The results? Like it never really happened. The paint matched perfectly, and the lines were clean. I recommend H & H to everyone. They make a bad situation as painless as possible. Both episodes are now a distant memory. Jay M. Kalan, M.D. Bluffton, SC

Lucky We Found H&H Auto Body


Prior to the opening of H & H Auto Body, my wife faced a difficult decision of either enduring a serious accident with injuries by "t-boning" a mini van which had run a stop sign in front of her or leaving the road and heading for the trees. At her expense, she chose the later, doing considerable damage to her vehicle. We agreed with the body shop recommendation of the "at fault party's"insurance company. Following several weeks and many dollars, the vehicle was returned to us in less than satisfactory repair, even in the judgement of the insurance company.

In the mean time, H & H Auto Body opened their doors and the vehicle was sent to Bill Head for repair. There could not be a worse scenario than to have to follow someone else's substandard work by dismantling, repairing and reassembling a previous repaired vehicle. But much to the great satisfaction of both my wifeand I and the "at fault" insurer, the vehicle received the ultimate repair, fit and finish. Don & Sue James

voted 5 star


I would recommend H & H Auto Body


"After my fender bender on Hwy 278, H & H Auto Body was the first place I called. Vicki and Bill Head have been long time supporters of the Concours and I knew that I could count on them and their team to do a top notch repair on my dear "mom Volvo". They did not let me down. The car was fixed in just a few days, the insurance company said they were a pleasure to work with and the whole group could not have been nicer. They are true professionals and I would not go anywhere else." All the best, Carolyn Vanagel, Executive Director


Exemplary Service


We were in the middle of our annual vacation to Hilton Head Island, when on March 12, 2009, a car backed into my car while I was waiting for a parking slot to open. My wife was shopping in the Shelter Cove Mall. My right front bumper cover was damaged. When the police arrived, a witness came forward and highly recommended H&H Auto Body for the repair work. The police officer, although not allowed to make recommendations, did mention that he had heard that this body shop was very good.

I contacted Cary Shipstedt immediately and then I drove over to H&H Auto Body and spoke with their General Manager, Eddie Perry. Cary contacted John Bonnano and we met with John and Friday morning. The necessary parts were ordered; a rental car from Enterprise was arranged, and the work was done the following Tuesday and Wednesday. The car looks like new and H&H Auto Body provided me with a letter in which they have guaranteed the quality of their work for the life of their car. I could not have scripted this process any better. Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. I cannot say enough about the professional manner in which all of this was handled. If I had waited to have this work done when I returned home, it would have taken two months to complete.

I am sure that the only time that you hear from most customers is when they have complaints. This could have been a vacation-ruining experience. Instead, it turned out to be a wonderful story that I have repeated many times already. You are fortunate to have people working for you such as Cary and John. You are also most fortunate to have a body shop in that area with capable, conscientious people like Eddie Perry and Charlene Frazier. Regards, Bob Ashton

excellent service

Experience could not have been better


The decision to choose an auto body shop, given my tendency to be extremely particular about my cars, could have been difficult had it not been for H&H Auto Body. I expected the same customer service and quality I have been receiving for many years at H&H Auto Service. I was not disappointed. From the walk through the door, to the drive away, the experience could not have been better. The work was done on time, and to the highest standards. Rich Roesing, Hilton Head Island, SC

best of bluffton

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